Practice What You Preach

Truth / Friday, June 8th, 2018

Over the past few weeks, certain times when the Lord and I talk I will think of an idiom such as, “Practice What You Preach” and then the Lord will ask me, “What does that really mean?” It’s been pretty interesting.

Often we will use such cliche statements when talking with a friend or with a new believer, “Press in to the Lord”, “Practice what you preach”, and so on but do we really know what they mean? Sometimes we make this blanket statement when, in reality, there is so much more weight underneath, so much more depth to discuss that we cover up with these words. I will likely do a series on idioms but for today I want to discuss “Practice what you preach”, what it really means, how to do it, why to do it, and what else are we saying?

The statement came up tonight as I was driving. I was talking to the Lord about loneliness in my singleness. He reminded me of what a wonderfully unique opportunity I have right now to really spend time with Him, learn who I am in Him, His plans for me, to really spend time in His Word and so many other things. As He was revealing all this I thought; You know, so often I will suggest these things to other single people I meet or I will think “yea, I do that” when I hear other single people talk about it but when it comes down to it, do I really? No. Now, if you’re not single don’t dismiss this post. There is truth in this for everyone, we will get there.

As I thought about the opportunity I have to really spend time with the Lord I thought about the picture that may be portrayed of my life. That I actually do these things and nothing else. That my time is spent reverently pouring over scripture and I’m this great saint. Well, let’s go ahead and crush that idea because that’s certainly not the case. But it made me realize that when I slack off and sit on the couch watching Netflix or on social media for hours I will compare my mistakes to the perfect idea I have in mind that I should be. It’s like I’m comparing myself to myself. I have this idea in my mind of who I should be, what I should be doing, what I think people expect of me. Why? Then it’s almost like I get to the point of “well, I can’t live up to that might as well just sit here.” Does that sound crazy?

Whatever happens, keep living your lives based on the reality of the gospel of Christ, which reveals him to others. Then when I come to see you, or hear good reports of you, I’ll know that you stand united in one Spirit and one passion—celebrating together as conquerors in the faith of the gospel. Philippians 1:27 TPT

“Live your life based on the reality of the gospel of Christ which reveals Him to others.” To me, that sounds like “practice what you preach”. So then the question becomes, what are you preaching?

“My life is my message.”
“You may be the only Bible some people read.”
“You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.”

I don’t know the authors of these quotes but I feel that they pertain to what we are talking about today. Again I will ask; What are you preaching? What does your life portray?

I want my life to portray Jesus, to portray an intimate, close, powerful relationship with Him. Is that what I’m doing? And if I’m doing that, if that’s what I’m “preaching” is that what I’m “practicing”?

If people are seeing one side of you at church, one side of you on social media, one side of you in conversation, is that what you are living at home or are you putting up a “front” a “fake wall”?

I want to ask you the hard questions. I want to encourage you to dig deeper in your relationship with the Lord. I want you to be honest with yourself and with Him, draw nearer to Him and grow in your relationship with Him.

Take some time alone with the Lord. Ask Him to search your heart. Think about your life, your message, what are you preaching? What are you practicing?