Psalm 103

Devotionals, Psalm / Monday, February 11th, 2019
For today’s devotional we will be reading all of Psalm 103. I will add specific verses here and there but while you read this make sure to have your bible with you and open to Psalm 103 so you can follow along. 🙂

As I was reading this chapter something just captivated my heart. The first verse, when I read it in the passion translation, just stopped me in my tracks:

“With my whole heart,

With my whole life,

And with my innermost being,

I bow in wonder and love before you,

The Holy God.”

Psalm 103:1

As you read this chapter I recommend highlighting and underlining the parts that jump out at you most. It brings it to life more personally.

Verses 3-19 are praise and worship to God. They describe how the Lord saves, forgives, provides, hears, loves, and how short our lives are in comparison to God.

Verse 20 (TPT) begins with “So,”. The verses before it describe God’s love and favor, then the writer says, “so”. “So bless the Lord all His messengers of power, for you are His mighty hero’s who listen intently to the voice of His Word to do it.” (Verse 20) God is all powerful, loves you, forgave you, provided for you, SO bless the Lord! Praise Him at all times!

Are you going through a hard time? Bless the Lord.

Are you seeing answers to your prayers? Bless the Lord.

Are you needing confirmation or direction? Bless the Lord.

“Our days are so few, and our momentary beauty so swiftly fades away! Then all of the sudden we’re gone, like grass clippings blown away in a gust of wind, taken away to our appointment with death, leaving nothing to show that we were here.”

Psalm 103:15&16

The writer compares our lives to that of grass clippings, essentially here today gone tomorrow. Our problems, failures, victories, fears, hopes, are momentary, fleeting, but God remains. God is eternal, so bless Him! Praise Him and proclaim His name.

I love the visual that this Psalm paints. Verses 1&2 show the position of bowing before the Lord, surrendered completely. Verses 3-19 show His blessing, power, care, forgiveness, justice, splendor. Verses 20-22 then close the chapter with a challenge to bless the Lord, fulfill His desires, and let His works be done throughout the earth.

I love this because my part, my “job”, my answer to the question “what can I do now?” is… “bow before Him”. Surrender completely.

As we bow, as we surrender, as we relinquish control and shatter our hearts and plans before Him, He leads, His works are accomplished, His will is done.

Journal prompts:

Take some time to read (and reread) Psalm 103. What is the Lord speaking?

Write down some ways that He has been your provider, your healer, your loving Father.

Spend some time bowing before Him, worshipping Him for who He is and all He has done.

Then go, proclaim His name! Bless His name!

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