About Me


My name is Brittany and I am a blogger.

Hah! That sounds weird!

I’m not quite sure how to go about starting this thing we call a blog… One thing you’ll need to know about me is that I write like I talk. Meaning, I will use a lot of “…” and stray punctuation in hopes that it will make you feel like we are sitting in a comfy chair chatting with coffee (or ice cream!). So, I invite you to do just that. Get comfy, get a cup of coffee (or ice cream… or both!) and chat with me.

Who am I? I’m Brittany, born and raised in Florida. I am a nurse and work for a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy. I am also a children’s pastor at a wonderful Assemblies of God church! My heart is so burdened for people to know the truth, to know Jesus, to know the wonderful plans He has for you and who you are in Him. I desire to teach and train pastors and children’s pastors (leaders). My heart aches for missions and people around the world. I’ve been to Kenya, Africa twice and can’t wait to go back whenever the Lord directs!

Why start a blog? First of all, because the Lord said to. Who am I to say no? I have always journaled. Okay, maybe not “always” but for many many years! Some days I’ll journal like 15 pages in one day. I always thought that was normal… apparently it isn’t… Sometimes I’ll journal difficulties or things I’m going through, sometimes I’ll journal ideas or dreams, sometimes it’s notes while sitting in a service, but sometimes (a lot of the time) it’s truths and messages from the Lord. For awhile I thought these messages were for me. I thought “wow, God, thank you!” Until I realized He was saying…. “SHARE IT”… Ohhhhh… okay! 🙂 So, here we are. My desire is that this blog is a ministry. That you look forward to it, that it’s a bit of “ahhh” refreshing. That the Lord speaks to you in some way and you leave a little better than you came (whether that be from the rest with coffee, ice cream, or the actual blog post). As I mentioned earlier I journal a LOT so in many of my posts you may see excerpts from my journals, they will be dated, it’s been amazing to see the seeds the Lord planted so many years, months, weeks, days, hours ago flourish into something bigger than I could have imagined.

Today (11/03/17) I was sitting at Panera reading my Bible. Honestly, I was struggling with starting this blog. Today has been one of those “I just don’t think I can do this” days… Then I read Romans 1:11-12. It says “I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong – that is that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith. After I read that I thought “this… this is exactly how I feel about this blog”. I want to talk with you, I want to share with you, you, the one reading this! Whether we know each other “in real life” or whether we are just meeting now. I want you to be encouraged, I want to “impart some spiritual gift to make you strong” and I want to encourage each others faith!

My plan is to post once a week, Friday’s. But as this blog grows that may change. Some things may be bible study type posts, or inspiration from the Lord, or things pertaining to children’s ministry.

I would love your input and your comments. Remember, this is a conversation and “chat” between friends. So, get comfy, get a blanket and just ask the Lord to speak to you.

In addition to introducing you to me I’d like to give you a bit of background on why I chose the name I did, “God Adventures”.

First of all, I love the word adventure. Anything can be an adventure, it depends on the attitude you have. I choose to live every day with God as an adventure. Who is He calling me to talk to, what does He have in store for me to learn, what sweet moment has He prepared just for me, etc. so “God Adventures” seemed quite appropriate. I will post more about this in particular but for now I just want to welcome you.

I pray this blog encourages you in some way and that you draw nearer to the Lord as a result.


God Bless you,




Scripture references and bible note quotes will be taken from my bible: Fire Bible – Global Study Edition – New International Version.